It was with the classic Duck Hunt of Nes when we riddled ducks for pure fun demonstrating our aim with the Zapper. Years later, bow in hand, we would chase deer through the mountains and forests of the provinces of Cyrodiil and Skyrim in order to recover some life with their meat or sell some skins, and we would even make different accessories with the animals killed in Far Cry 3. Rockstar bets again without blushing for hunting as one of the many pastimes of the great GTA V. Hunting has become a usual secondary task and sometimes necessary in many video games. The Hunter: Call of the Wild completely focuses your experience on this activity in a serious and realistic way.

However, a hunting simulator is not precisely the most popular proposal between the public and the critics, different and well-known media of our country have obviated the analysis of this title although we are facing one of the best video games that left us the final stretch of 2017

The challenge and the delicate learning offered by any simulator are factors that are often not tolerated by everyone. If we add that it is a demanding game in the first person where we shoot animals to have fun and progress, it can even create some rejection. But this would be a very superficial description. Leaving aside pro-animalist hypocritical postures of fanatical people who then run over old women in other games and some embarrassing review unable to deepen, I can say that the work developed by Expansive Worlds He has had me hooked since last October until today. An exhaustive and enjoyable dedication that has not yet been completed due to its immense size, all this to try to capture an analysis that does a little justice to this game, a fun alternative and different to everything we can find right now in the sandbox catalog.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild immerses us fully in a powerful and vast natural scenario that we will have to explore and discover freely while we learn to track, stalk and shoot down different species of animals, each with its own characteristics and behaviors. Moving away from a network of missions or some absurd argument, the real freedom and our evolution as a hunter are the fundamental tricks of this proposal, following that yes, a slow and dedicated learning that will allow us to acquire some skills and knowledge of the environment and each animal. The fulfillment of certain tasks will serve to earn an extra benefit in the form of experience points and money.

It is interesting to note that the game offers two different maps, two huge and different scenarios in which we can alternate our hunting days just by pressing a button on the menu. Set one in the forests of Central Europe and another in the Pacific Northwest, each one has its own fauna, flora, and peculiarities but sharing both an outstanding design and ambiance. Few video games offer a recreation of a natural environment so well cared for and realistic, where vegetation behavior, light cycles and climatic effects that together enhance an impressive immersive feeling deserve to be praised.

The classic skill tree itself does not differ much from what has been seen so far but the most noticeable difference lies in its rhythm, much slower than in any other current video game. Going up the level thanks to our trophies and spending the bonus acquired to enhance any of our virtues is a moment that comes almost as a blessing. This detail makes the game requires a high level of dedication to unlock all available skills.

The Hunter

As you would only expect in a hunting simulator, the elements of the environment, the vegetation, the habits and the characteristics of the animals themselves together with the climatology play a key role. For example, mobile game app developers, the direction, and speed of the wind can affect us both when it goes unnoticed by an animal and when it is shot. The sound of rain during a sudden storm or fog are moments that we can take advantage of in our favor.

The human factor is also present and that is why when playing we have to take into account details such as the recoil of weapons, ammunition, the performance of the telescopic sights and know how to locate appropriate points of impact to shoot an animal the first and get the maximum bonus. But before pulling the trigger we have to discover a trace, know how to stalk our target, hide and take care of our movement, the noise we generate, breathing or heart rate are other elements that deserve our full attention. A few precious indicators will help us measure all these variations in real time.

Come to this part is only to say that the key to enjoying this video game is in our learning as a hunter, acquire through our well-deserved trophies capabilities that are reflected both in the physical skills of our character and in the use of tools or the knowledge of the environment. Little by little we will be able to create our strategies based on our experience, first unlocking those skills or improvements that most resemble our hunting style, specializing in, for example, tracking, the management of a certain weapon, in employment of callers and claims or making use of positions and fixed hunting structures that we ourselves will build. Even using all these techniques and mastering them will not be enough,

Otherwise The Hunter: Cow is very similar to any other open world game. It has a complete interface full of interesting information about the fauna, the natural parks that we explore and we can organize all our inventory, from time to time we will have to dedicate a few minutes to manage it properly.

Spread throughout the map are camps that allow us to record the game and acquire valuable material or use a quad to move more quickly (with the scandal that involves taking a motorcycle to go hunting) It is even possible to use a tent to sleep and wait at a certain time (camping and accommodation in the camps costs money) This way we can go hunting at dawn or during the night to follow closely the habits of certain animals. Night hunting, helping with a flashlight, is another possibility offered by the game, as well as the use of bows to suppress the sound of rifles and shotguns.

We also find other points of interest and secrets distributed by the maps, which besides rewarding us with experience points, they throw us information about important areas and historical details about the natural parks through which we move.

As a final touch, we find an entertaining multiplayer mode where we can enjoy hunting with up to 8 players, cooperative and competitive. Not that it contributes much but always appreciate any extra mode, especially a multiplayer that works properly.




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