Muddy Heights 2 (Poop Game) Play Online Free

Muddy Heights 2 (Poop Game) Play Online Free

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Muddy Heights 2 Unblocked


Hi Guys, Today I’m Back and You’re gonna love me. I’m bringing you a game that is so addicting called Muddy Heights 2 Unblocked. First i recommended You Play Muddy Heights Version 1 And Now I bring you version 2 for even more fun. The new Muddy heights 2 which is similar to the first instalment but with some new awesome features. in This version You can poop in Public places like on the roads, on cars, busses and people even From the Rooftops. You will truly love this game. watch the video of Muddy heights 2. Enjoy this game.


Muddy heights 2 features

Muddy heights is a great game, Like you can poop on vehicles and on people. When You do this You get Free score and bonus, This game full free No need To upgrade Great incredible amazing Graphics Design you can Control through your Keyboard and with Mouse.  Many players play this game so come on and join the fun of Muddy Heights 2.

  • Free To play No purchasing.
  • 2D 3D Amazing Graphics.
  • Easy To play.

Muddy Heights 2 (Poop Game) Play Online Free

This game Developer By Rageborn Studio, LLC and Published By  Rageborn Studio, LLC, and Available For android and also Now you can Play that game Online with Flash player, I m also play that game many time because it Very Interesting Game.

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